Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 9

Ok, so first, I am not posting as often as I wanted to and I apologize for that. It doesn't benefit you or I if I don't get on here more often. In fact, it makes it much harder for me! I am still at a stable 234.6 lbs, no more lost, but nothing gained either. I didn't get to go out yet this morning for my walk because of this terrible weather we are having here. Rain non-stop so far. I really need to invest in a good rain slicker so that nothing can impede my progress. Also, it is just a crazy day here, lots of activities planned and not enough time to get them all done I fear. So, today I am not feeling so great about my progress, but I knew that this wouldn't be easy and there would be bad days. Now all I have to do is refrain from snacking myself to death as a way to comfort myself in all this rushing and I will be ok!

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